Satay Noodle Bowls


Tools: Stainless steel pan (any pan NOT nonstick), pot for cooking noodles, tongs

Preparation time: about 20 minutes



1 Cup prepared noodles of choice

1 Cup vegetables of choice sliced lengthwise

2 tbs. Saute oil of choice (canola, sunflower, peanut oil, etc.)

Satay sauce:

1/4 Cup soy sauce

2 Tbs. sesame oil and Mirin (sweet rice wine)

1 Tsp. sugar

2 Tbsp. peanut butter


For the Charred Vegetables: Heat your pain on high heat. Add oil until it smokes. CAREFULLY throw in vegetables and toss. Once charred, remove from heat. Set aside.

Whisk together all ingredients for satay sauce. Toss with noodles while they are still warm. Garnish with crushed peanuts or toasted sesame seeds.


Soy Free: Substitute soy sauce with Coconut Aminos

Gluten free: Use your favorite gluten free noodles.

Proteins: Marinated tofu, Seitan, chicken, shrimp, beef. Options are endless.IMG_5611

Do you ever feel guilty because of your produce?

I’m keeping my green onions growing in some water and the amount of growth is a little crazy. Way past garnish level. I can’t let good onions ruin! So my kitchen has turned into an episode of chopped. What can I cook with green onions and my old standby vegetables?

Enter Asian food! I love how green onions pop so vibrantly in an Asian dish. I also just wanted to throw a bunch of vegetables in a skillet and make them look pretty, so here we are. A note about nonstick pans- they don’t perform well past medium high heat. Many pans will even say in the packaging ‘do not heat past medium high.’ I lost a very special nonstick pan to a high sear of a skirt steak (still not over it.) Nonstick pans are great for saute cooking! There’s a place for both stainless and nonstick pans in my kitchen.

You need one good stainless pan. This one will last you forever. Have you ever watched chefs in the kitchen? The kitchen is gleaming and full of flame and they’re cooking on the most banged up tired pans you’ve ever seen. That’s because they’re stainless and it doesn’t matter how they look. They’ll hold up to any abuse for years. The browning you get with one is far superior to any nonstick pan too.

The next time you have guests that are gluten free, soy free, dairy free, Kosher, or vegan, you know what to cook. You can have fun arranging the vegetables on top to make it look like you have some kitchen technique under your belt. I plated and was so excited to tuck in when my little man knocked over my drink. Ah, the cooking one handed life!

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