Antipasto Pizza Rolls



Baking sheet, cutting board, knife, spoon

Preparation time: about 5 minutes


1 cup pizza dough or 1 tube crescent dough, cut into triangles

1/4 cup minced olives

4-5 slices pepperoni (optional)

1/4 cup minced Pepperoncini

1/4 cup tomato- based pasta sauce of choice

1/8 teaspoon seasoning salt, Italian seasoning

prepared balsamic reduction, for serving

Method: Combine ingredients except dough, drop by tablespoon full onto bottom of triangle, roll up. Bake according to dough directions. Serve with balsamic reduction. Feel fancy.


Use gluten free pizza dough if necessary

I’ll be using whole wheat pizza dough when I make them from scratch

Endless. Use whatever you would enjoy on your pizza.

Bbq chicken pizza: Barbecue sauce and chicken

Bruschetta: fresh basil, tomatoes, and garlic

You’re an adult, it’s time to improve your pizza roll experience.

Honestly these look so fancy you could call these “Antipasto crescents” and people would be none the wiser. In my previous life (Dairy free,) it was always a treat to buy the bag of frozen pizza rolls. The dough was hard and the edges cut into the roof of my mouth. The filling was of the lowest quality. They were always so molten hot I burned the roof of my mouth. Still, there was something about them.

I’m feeling nostalgic today and certainly can’t have any filled with cheese. The greatest part of these? They’re so versatile. Fill with whatever you want on your pizza! The dough actually tastes good!

 Try this balsamic reduction if you can’t find it locally, it’s actually a better price than most places carry it for. What else can you eat this on? Grilled peaches. Grilled chicken. Ice cream. My own arm.

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