Drunken Marinade



Dish that can go in the fridge. That’s all!

Preparation time:

About 1 minute, plus the time involved drinking leftover beer.


1/4 cup beer of choice

1 tablespoon minced onion-dried or fresh

2 tablespoons ketchup

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

2 tablespoons soy sauce

Method: Stir to combine. Marinade protein of choice in refrigerator, flipping halfway through (At least two hours to overnight.) Drink remaining beer.


Gluten free: Use gluten free beer and soy sauce of choice.

Vegan: This marinade is Vegan as is, use a firm tofu, Seitan, or nice hefty mushroom caps would be delicious.

Soy free: Substitute Coconut Aminos for Soy Sauce

Glaze: If preferred, boil marinade down to a sticky consistency. Brush on in the last 2 minutes of grilling. This is wonderful if you are doing multiple proteins.

There is a world famous steak marinated with something very similar to this.

Often when I’m planning meals I ask myself, “If I could go to any restaurant in the world, what would I order?” Then I set out to make it a reality!

This is a knockoff of a marinade for a drunken Ribeye. Why stop there? Drunken chicken! Drunken tofu! Drunken Seitan! Drunken mushrooms! This really does taste good on anything.

My mother’s day has had many spoiling components. I was treated to dinner of my choice, a lunch of my choice, and was told I could cook any treat I like. Steak it is! I chose some beautiful New York Strips.

If you don’t have a grill like our poor souls, you’ll need a very good grill pan. It can give you beautiful grill marks (put food on very hot, pick up, rotate 45 degrees to get those beautiful diamond shaped grill marks.) A perk of using cast iron is the seasoning the pan gets! Click here for my pick, remember whatever you buy through that link gets me a small commission!

I’ve continued to be spoiled by three hour baby-less naps when my husband is off work. The gift of sleep! Could anything be better?

Maybe (Just maybe) A nice boozy steak.

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