Cocos Sin Leches (Tres Leches Dairy Free!)


Prep time/ cook time: approximately 1 hour

Tools: Stove top, electric mixer, oven


1 yellow cake mix or white cake mix of choice (I easily found a dairy free cake mix, and I’m sure my gluten free friends could find one as well)

4 cans full fat coconut milk

4 tablespoons sugar, to taste

2 turns ground vanilla from vanilla bean grinder (or teaspoon vanilla extract)

Maraschino Cherries for Garnish


Prepare cake mix in 9×13 pan as directed.

(Vegan friends: substitute eggs in recipe for oil, flax eggs, or mashed banana)

Coconut sweetened condensed milk:

Mixture is reduced by 2/3 and bubbles when ready.

Combine two cans coconut milk in saucepan with ground vanilla. Cook on medium high heat, stirring occasionally until reduced 2/3 of the way and mixture coats the back of a spoon. This will take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Add 4 tbsp. sugar and stir until dissolved. Let cool, mixture will continue to thicken.

Whipped coconut cream:

Chill two cans coconut milk overnight. Open, scoop out solid cream at top, whip with electric mixer until whipped cream consistency is reached. Add 1 tbsp. sugar. Reserve coconut water for another use.


Poke cake with fork or toothpick (Skewers make holes that are too large.) Pour in condensed coconut milk mixture. Cover, let chill overnight.

Make coconut whipped cream and frost cake.

Take out maraschino cherries an hour before serving and let drain/dry on paper towel (to prevent syrup dyeing white frosting) Top cake.


Variation: Tres leches cupcakes- oh yes. Use metal cupcake liners, as these will be oh so deliciously ooey gooey. Prepare cupcakes as directed on box (Or use your favorite white/yellow cupcake recipe) Poke holes in cupcakes once cooled (Careful not to puncture liner) pour in condensed coconut milk mixture. Top with whipped coconut cream.

This is the mother of all poke cakes.

Traditionally Tress Leches (Meaning three milks) is made with sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and whipped cream, hence the name. There are as many variations as they are stars in the sky.

When I was first starting out dairy free I craved, craved, craved dessert- in particular Tiramisu. Thankfully I stumbled across a very clever blogger named Rachel. She has concocted an amazing tiramisu oatmeal. Tiramisu for breakfast!!! Finding her blog showed me I could do this. For some very clever recipes- including amazing oatmeal variations- head on over. I’m getting no royalties at all, you just need to know about her!

My beloved vanilla bean grinder makes an appearance again in this recipe. I just love vanilla bean. Want your own vanilla bean grinder? Click here to get it on Amazon. Or, start there and buy whatever you would like and I still get a small percentage. Thank you!

I once had this for my birthday cake. I had it in Panama, I had it in Texas. Going dairy free I KNEW I had to make it dairy free. Living without some things is simply unbearable. I love this cake. I could have it for breakfast. For my fellow dairy free friends, Salud! Enjoy!

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